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DeTor AI

What is DeTor AI?

DeTor AI

The rapid evolution of blockchain technology has unearthed tremendous potential for applications spanning from finance to artificial intelligence. However, issues such as scalability, limited interoperability, and privacy continue to hinder broader adoption. Addressing these challenges, DeTor AI L2 blockchain integrates second-layer scaling solutions, advanced privacy technologies, and cross-chain functionalities to forge a more versatile and efficient blockchain ecosystem.

Technical Overview

DeTor AI L2 operates as a secondary layer that sits atop multiple blockchain networks. It consists of the following components:

Core Layer

Handles basic blockchain operations, such as consensus and ledger maintenance.

Service Layer

Provides specialized functionalities including AI services and privacy mechanisms.

Communication Layer

Facilitates interaction among various blockchain protocols and supports cross-chain transactions.

Application Layer

Where third-party developers can build and deploy DApps leveraging the platform’s capabilities.


Dive deep into the intricate tokenomics that drive our platform, revealing the strategic design, economic mechanisms, and compelling incentives that not only ensures sustainable growth but also rewards active user engagement.


Quarter 1 (Q1) 2024
1. Research and Development Phase
Technical Feasibility Studies: Conduct studies focusing on the scalability and interoperability of DeTor AI L2 blockchain with other chains.

Architecture Design: Design the initial blockchain architecture that supports Layer 2 solutions and privacy-preserving technologies.
2. Mainnet Launch
Platform Goes Live: Launch the full version of DeTor AI L2 blockchain on mainnet.

Integration Support: Provide support for third parties wanting to integrate with the platform.
3. Prototype Development
Multichain Swap Aggregator Prototype: Develop a basic prototype for the multichain swap aggregator.

Cross-chain Swap Mechanisms: Start designing the innovative cross-chain swap mechanisms.
4. Community Engagement
Whitepaper Release: Publish a detailed whitepaper outlining the technical aspects and the roadmap.

Community Building: Begin building a community on social platforms and forums to gather feedback and foster interest.
1. Product Development
Decentralized AI Services: Start the development of decentralized AI services, focusing on on-chain AI models for smart contract automation and anomaly detection.

Privacy Solutions: Implement and test privacy-enhancing features, such as zero-knowledge proofs, to secure user transactions.